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Two family-owned businesses, bringing you the best of the Pacific Northwest.

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Since 1986

For over 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to observing and understanding the marine wildlife here in the San Juan Islands and our entire crew enjoys sharing their knowledge and insights with you. Most whale watching tours in the area often go to the same places and see the same wildlife. The main difference between tours is the guides leading them. Our company operates on a smaller scale with a personal touch, providing a superior tour while showing our utmost respect for the whales and wildlife we encounter.

Since 1988

 Continuing the legacy of his father Shane Carlson is following in his footsteps and carrying on the family business. Shane began his flying career working the docks of Lake Union Air and took his first flying lessons during his lunch break starting at age 15. Shane pursued his flight training at Big Bend Community College earning his associate's degree in Commercial Aviation. Now Shane has been flying commercially for the family business for 22 years. 

Because of our well-trained, professional, and courteous pilots and our meticulously maintained fleet, we have logged over 24 years of accident and incident-free flying. From our pilots to our dedicated maintenance staff, you will feel comfortable knowing you are flying with experienced professionals.  Safety and customer service is our utmost goal and has led the Carlson’s to success for over 40 years in the business.

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